Company history
When in 1953 Romano Chiti, together with his father, set up his small transport company, Quarrata had not yet acquired it’s title "City of Furniture". Quarrata’s specialization of upholstery production was then still to be developed on the national and international markets.
The first artisan companies had not yet undergone their natural evolution and the local production was mainly supplied by a mino rity of market leaders.
At the time, the available means and equipment were still inadequate to penetrate, above all, foreign markets.
Romano Chiti had purchased a "Leoncino" truck, which he could not use to a maximum since it was second-hand. A sly start that, notwithstanding the difficulties of that moment, never lacked talent , the capacity of adapting and the will to consolidate his presence in this particular sector.
In the ‘60s, with the rise of upholstered furniture and the start of "exhibitions" thanks to the trend of manufacturers to locally sell their own products instead of those coming from other areas, Romano Chiti, with a dozen of vehicles, started transportation on a national scale, initially serving Campania and Liguria, to then expand to Piemonte and Sicily.
Then, in the ‘80s, the "consumer area" axtended to beyond our Italian borders when the upholstery production target markets started including foreing countries:
France, Belgium, Great Britain and Germany.
Concurrent with the city’s growth of economy and production, the company equipped itself to meet the new requirements, increased its activity in the order to be competitive in a strategic sector of the economy, i. e. transport.
In 1987, with approx. 40 vehicles, the company already stood out due to its years of success marked by professionalism and punctuality of consignments and its turnover totaled around 4 bilion Lira. But the true growth took place in 1991, reaching a maximum turnover in 1995 with approx. 20 billion Lira. Each year about 3.800 single vehicles part from the headquarters in Via Giotto in Quarrata, province of Pistoia, with destinations all over Europe. A continuously developing company that confidently looks at the future:
especially now that the borders with Eastern European countries have been opened.



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