Chiti Autotrasporti has contributed considerably to the distribution of upholdtered furniture and with its own means has gone from a regional area of cunsumers all over Europe.
Initially, the transportation was only aimed at France, with approx. Ten years ago accounted for 80% of the service. Then, with its articulated lorries, it penetrated the English, Belgian and Dutch markets. Presently the articulated lorries and the trucks with Quarrata products destined to France concern 50%, Great Britain and Germany account for 20% each, while the remaining ten percent regards Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.
Today, the Quarrata industry is still trying to find new and more important markets for its products and is busy renewing and "repositioning" itself in order to energetically plunge into still unexplored niches.
Chiti Romano Autotrasporti is also engaged in obtaining its short-term objectives and destinations: the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and Eastern Europe.

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Chiti Autotrasporti
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