The Vehicles
The ‘50s presented a difficult start. The company counted on only one truck, a "Leoncino", which – despite the passing of the years – Romano Chiti is still devoted to.
A second – hand vehicle with which he initiated a true "professional growth", at the same rate as the local furniture industry
year after year characterized by new routes, new destinations and a greater number of avaleible vehicles.
A fleet of vehicles that today totals around one hundred recently built vehicles, half of which are owned by the international transport company of Quarrata. More than thirty concern articulated lorries and trailer trucks for the longer routes.
For increased efficiency of services, work and for safety of the vehicles and transported goods, our employees have at their disposal air conditioning, Abs, intelligent suspensions, radio, CB and a cellular phone. The trucks were designed and created exclusively for transporting upholstered furniture and furnishing accessories.
They are equipped according the latest standards for better and safer transport of goods. Each week, every truck runs an average of approx. 3 thousand kilometers in Italy an abroad.
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Chiti Autotrasporti
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