Chiti Autotrasporti is a modern and solid company specialized in transporting upholstered furniture, for the living room in paticular.
For this purpose,a special working system was created, adapted to the characteristics of the local production. A distinct working system that is aided by an efficient and advanced structure.
Not only the vehicles, but also the company’s large sheds meet all the requirements.
Ample, spacius and functional covered areas of 12.000 sq. m. and 60.000 sq. m. of yards were designed on the basis of their experience and built exuclusively for receiving the living room furniture.
The internal flooring is entirely made of machined quartz to allow sliding of all types of wooden material without causing damage. The living room furniture is directly collected at the establishments of the various manufacturers in the area with small vehicles that are more efficient for the needs of this working phase.
Our personnel store the received goods in the large sheds, which are already divided according to the destination areas, and before loading each vehicle, the company notifies the consegnee and makes an appointment for the truck driver to deliver and unload.
Once the truck has been loaded manually, without the aid of machinery, it is consigned to the consignee without any subsequent handling
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Chiti Autotrasporti
Via Giotto, 43 - 51039 Quarrata (Pt)
tel 0573 - 738662 fax 0573 - 775267
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